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3 Reasons Your Team Struggles with Collecting Payments and Debts

November 19, 2018

Collecting payment from people isn’t easy or always pleasant. Many people in AR and billing departments find it challenging to collect for a variety of reasons. Our teams have been collecting for years. Our quality assurance manager, Royka Allen, shares with us the top three challenges most people face when collecting payment and how to confront them.

Inefficiency – is your team prepared to do the job?

One of the most important aspects of a team is its team members. Are the people on your team capable of doing the job you are asking them to do? Are they comfortable asking for money? Are they able to explain to a patient/consumer how it was determined that they are responsible for a balance?

For those in the medical field, do your team members have the insurance knowledge it takes to explain why a carrier may or may not have paid? Are your team members capable of delivering your message? Are you selecting team members who are capable of learning what it takes to be successful in their field?

Dynamics is a larger part of collection conversations. The correct dynamic cannot be taught but must be embedded in the person. Are your team members engaged or disengaged? Do your team members seek out opportunities to improve and learn? These are the types of people who find satisfaction in being good at what they do and are open and willing to learn what they must to be successful.

Inaccuracy – are you able to share your vision across the board?

Now that your team is stacked with capable members, your message must be consistent with your vision for success. Your message must be reachable by even your lowest performer. Your team should know your vision from top to bottom so they understand their role in what you are wanting to accomplish. Are you prepared to give the knowledge your members need to be successful in what you are needing from them? Have you learned how your individual members best learn and retain information? Do you have written procedures for the readers? Do you have powerpoints for the visual learners? Do you have supervisors and managers who can provide one-on-one training for hands-on learners? All of these things must be taken into consideration. We are not operating in a “one-size-fits-all” world, so we have to give people what they need to be successful.

Infrequency – are you following up on the status of your vision?

Your team is built and you have the necessary material to provide accurate and efficient training. Next, how often are you following on progress, implementation, etc.? How often are you speaking with your managers and supervisors about what is happening on the ground? How often are you speaking with your supervisors and managers about what they need to be more successful in their role? Are your managers and supervisors feeling empowered and confident? This group will be promoting your vision more often than anyone. They are your voice. They are working to motivate your group every day. Are you having conversations that will give insight on where everything stands or are your conversations surface-level?

Collecting payments isn’t a job for everyone, but with the right methods in place, your team members will be more successful — and more happy with their work. If you need help getting payments to keep your business running, please contact us for help.

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