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5 Myths about Debt Collectors

March 8, 2016

Debt collectors are often seen as mean people, threatening you with all sorts of things in order to get you to pay your late bill. There are a lot of jokes about us, but in truth, our team is a wonderful group of people. Here are five truths about debt collectors you should know:

Myth: Debt collectors will threaten and harass you until you pay.
Truth: Harassment of a consumer is not only ineffective, it’s illegal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Debt collectors are trained to listen to what consumers say and find out if they can pay the past-due bill. PRC (Revco Solutions) Collector Jonetta explains: “Most consumers have a misconception that debt collectors are looking down on them. That is not the case. Life happens to everyone. I just want to help them get back on track, one account at a time.”

Myth: Debt collectors don’t care about your problem.
Truth: While debt collectors are doing their job just like anyone else, they are also human beings. PRC (Revco Solutions) Collector Cheri strives to explain what and who a consumer owes in a professional manner. “I like to smile, even though the consumer can’t see me smiling- they can hear it in my tone and will respond in a positive manner.” Being a medical collector, Cheri understands embarrassment can come along with being in collections. “They never intended on getting sick and not being able to pay their medical bill. You have to determine the true reason why the bill is unpaid.”

Myth: Debt collectors are all the same.
Truth: There are different types of debt collectors. Some companies have their own in-house team of people working to collect on late accounts. Others hire an agency, such as PRC (Revco Solutions), to help them. Regardless of who is trying to collect debt, the culture of the company/department is vital. Most agencies these days operate with an emphasis on compliance and compassion and train their collectors accordingly. Like all industries, there are some “bad apples” out there, who do not operate with an emphasis on compliance or compassion. These agencies should be avoided; compliance and compassion will keep your customers happy — and happy customers are more inclined to pay their bills!

Myth: Debt collectors are greedy; they want unpaid bills.
Truth: Of course this business would not exist if everyone paid his or her bills all the time. But debt collectors speak with consumers about their situation and how to get back on track. A debt collector is there to collect, but collecting often means counseling. And remember, there is no such thing as an unpaid bill. The more consumers don’t pay their bills, the higher prices are for everyone.

Myth: Debt collectors mostly work with the destitute and those intentionally avoiding payments.
Truth: Unpaid bills come from every corner. Our collectors speak with people who ran into trouble with credit, some who did not realize the trouble they were in, some where it was a simple oversight, some changed addresses and were not properly notified and others who experienced sudden circumstances that force them to skip payments. Many people experience a financial pinch at some point in life; some just need some help figuring out how to get back on track.

If your company wants a caring team to help collect overdue bills, give us a call today.

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