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What To Do if You Get a Call From Collections on a Medical Bill.

April 28, 2022

When a debt collector calls to discuss overdue payment on medical bills, many people might ignore the situation and hope that it will eventually go away. It will not. In fact, ignoring the problem will only make it worse and can have a serious, negative impact on your credit rating and the ability to secure things like a mortgage or financing on a car later on. It’s best to deal with the issue head-on; depending on an individual’s financial situation, you may be able to negotiate flexible payment terms or even dispute the medical bill.

Make Sure the Debt Is Legitimate

Nobody enjoys receiving calls from debt collectors, but the first step in dealing with a collections call is to answer the phone or at least listen to the voicemail. When speaking with someone from debt collections, it’s important for people to gather as much information as possible before agreeing to pay back medical debt. Some questions to ask include:

What To Do if You Get a Call From Collections on a Medical Bill.  4.28.2022
  • Who (hospital facility or physician) is the debt for?
  • Name of a specific contact person if I have questions?
  • Name and contact information for the collection agency?
  • What is the amount owed?
  • Is it possible to negotiate terms or dispute the debt?
  • If you don’t recognize the alleged debt based on the information given over the phone, regulation laws dictate that the collection agency must provide written validation of the debt to you upon your written request, though many will honor a verbal request.

Negotiating or Disputing the Debt

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 53% of people contacted about a debt said they were given incorrect information regarding the amount owed or the terms for collection. If that occurs, write down everything you know about the bill in question, including the name and address of the original creditor if the debt was transferred to another company. If you wish to dispute the bill with the collector, request the appropriate mailing address for them, as they will often request that any dispute be sent to them in writing. The law then dictates that they must pause their collection efforts for a period of time in order to investigate your dispute. 

If the debt is legitimate, contact the debt collector to determine whether a repayment plan is available. The debt collector wants to help you and wants to get the bill paid. They will often have suggestions that make it possible for you to pay in installments, if payment in full is not possible.

Know Debt Collecting Rights

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which was passed in 1978, makes it illegal for debt collecting companies to harass, abuse, or deceive debtors they contact. If you get a call from Revco Solutions, you will be speaking with someone who is customer-oriented and willing to listen. Explain your situation and circumstance and let them help.

Don’t be afraid to answer the phone; Revco’s customer-oriented debt collection team is on your side. Reach out to Revco directly at (855) 202-0113 to speak with a customer representative or, for those who’ve received mail from Revco regarding a hospital bill, you can simply log into the Revco client portal, using the account number provided on their statement, for a simple online resolution.

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