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PRC (Revco Solutions) is Thankful This Year

November 15, 2016

This time of year usually sparks some thought and prayer as to what I am thankful for. Thinking it would be nice and somewhat therapeutic, I decided to write about this from a personal and professional perspective and share it with you.

Family and PRC (Revco Solutions) Family
First and foremost, I am thankful for my family. Not only my wife, children and extended family, but also the PRC (Revco Solutions) family. PRC (Revco Solutions) really strives to make our company a family atmosphere. We have been extremely fortunate to have many long-term employees. When you have long standing employees, you get to know them on a personal level: their families, habits, likes/dislikes, and form a deeper bond that can develop into a familial relationship. Long-tenured employees are the main reason for the successful longevity of PRC (Revco Solutions).

Next, I am thankful for my health. Health of myself, family and the continued health of our company. When you meet individuals that are going through a difficult health situation, you really appreciate something most of us probably take for granted in our daily lives. This year we’ve had some employees and relatives of employees go through some really hard times. Our company really pulls together in support of each other and others.

By Change, Not Chance
Additionally, I am thankful for a new initiative at PRC (Revco Solutions). Our employees decided to form a group called By Change, Not Chance (BCNC). This group determines how, when and where our company will make an impact in the community. Our focus tends to be on families and children. We have supported charities such as the Durham Rescue Mission and Ronald McDonald House. Sometimes the charity was needed “in-house,” supporting employees who have become ill or whose homes that have been damaged, or who faced adversity. It is really remarkable, seeing our employees involved in decisions on how we support our community or each other. I am very thankful for their willingness to participate in BCNC.

I am also thankful for mentors. PRC (Revco Solutions) and I have benefited enormously from having keen guidance and support. It starts with my father and CEO, Steve Miller. His keen business sense and practical outlook is always steady and spot on. Our management team, myself included, has participated in Vistage International for many years. The speakers and other members of the group provide a valuable source of information and mentoring. PRC (Revco Solutions) also has long-tenured employees that continue to provide steady leadership every single day. We all need the ability and option to look to others for improvement, coaching and alternative outlooks, and I am thankful for those things and the wisdom imparted to me by others.

I am also very thankful for the many friends that PRC (Revco Solutions) and I have. Knowing you can count on friends to pick you up when you are down, provide assistance or guidance is invaluable. Being able to turn to someone and complain for a while without any judgement is a really nice thing!

Corporate Chaplains of America
I am thankful for Corporate Chaplains of America. Our corporate chaplain, Gerson Torres, is an incredible blessing for PRC (Revco Solutions). Gerson comes in every Wednesday to meet with our employees. He will pray for you and with you, provide guidance, and provide you with resources and more. We understand that all employees have lives outside of work that can present challenges. It never hurts to have someone praying for you and your company.

Vendor Partners
I am thankful for our vendor partners. We couldn’t be nearly the company we are if we didn’t have great partners. Whether it’s our collection system vendor or our letter provider, they are always staying up to date with our needs and listening to us, they are truly an asset I am grateful for.

Last but certainly not least, I am thankful for our Clients! None of this is possible without them. I am thankful that, for the most part, our Clients see us as their partner; not simply a supplier. I am thankful that we often have dialogue or brainstorming sessions, which enable us to help solve any problem they may be facing. I am thankful that they look to us for guidance on issues in our industry. I am thankful that they trust us with their customers.

Peace be with you all.
Thank YOU!
Geoff Miller
President, PRC (Revco Solutions)

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