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3 Ways to Make Pre-Service Calls Effective for Your Healthcare Collections

October 31, 2017

Most health systems are seeking to increase their self-pay collections because patient payments are increasingly important to them. To improve collections, they’ve turned to pre-service calls — with proven results.  

“A solid pre-service and point-of-service collection process has initial and lasting financial implications and effects on our organization,” says Denise Gibson, divisional manager, revenue cycle, patient financial services, for Catholic Health Partner’s Cincinnati region.

What is a Pre-Service Call?
Some services, procedures, tests, and medications require a pre-service review before you receive care. These requirements help ensure your care is appropriate, timely and safe. PRC (Revco Solutions) also wants to help your patients avoid unexpected medical bills and help them understand their financial responsibility through our Pre-Service Program.

Effective Pre-Service Calls
PRC (Revco Solutions) currently assists several health systems with their pre-service collections. There are several pivotal points to an effective pre-service collection:

Education – Patients must understand their financial responsibility and what the healthcare system expects of them. The more education and understanding you can provide them, the increased likelihood of payment.

Patient-Centered Scripts and Staff Training – The employees working these accounts are not collectors; they are educators. Educate your patients through patient-friendly scripts. Begin a conversation that avoids demotivating language. For example “You have to” is replaced by “To manage this account now” and “You need to” is replaced with “As a service to you.” Avoiding closed-ended questions also increases engagement and furthers opportunity for payment and successful calls. Review call scripts often to ensure a soft and confident approach.

Technology – By using all the data, tracking and compliance tools that PRC (Revco Solutions) employs in its collection cycle, we maintain and ensure a level of consistency that our clients have come to know and trust. We offer total transparency to all clients through our web portal, FACSWeb, plus 100% Call Auditing, dialing and call technology, secure payment processing, and real-time reporting.

If your healthcare organization is looking to take the next step in collections, contact us to learn more about our Pre-Service program.

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