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The #1 Collection Employee Training Mistake and How to Fix It

October 13, 2015

If your hospital or business is struggling to receive payments in an effective manner, you may need to revisit the root of the problem: basic training with your employees. Do this to ensure employees have been given proper instruction on how to and what to communicate with patients.

Chances are the greatest mistake in your employee training process is the lack of passion you’re creating in employees. Without passion, what drives employees to make sure patients properly understand their payment responsibilities?

Here are a few steps to help guide you in your training process and ultimately equip employees with the passion to do their job well:

  1. Set clear objectives. Make sure employees understand the why behind the process. Help them understand the main takeaways that every customer/patient has to walk away knowing. We suggest creating a checklist of information/documents that must be discussed or issued or signed. This checklist will help ensure your team leaves no stone unturned and that every customer is left clearly knowing what is expected of them financially.
  2. Equip employees with what they need to succeed. The next step is education. It’s important to equip employees with knowledge of the general standards and procedures of paying so they can then relay them clearly to patients/customers and answer a range of questions correctly. For example, do your employees know where to point an uninsured patient? Equip your employees with not only information for a variety of patient scenarios, but also the relational, decision-making, analytical, or technological skills they may need to be successful in communicating to patients.
  3. Give employees practice. Practice makes perfect. Make sure you set up simulations for employees to perfect their speech. Coach employees through “what if” scenarios and help them become comfortable with not giving any patient the opportunity to say “no” to a payment expectation. Make sure they become experts in providing excellent customer service and giving people close cost estimates.
  4. Create a “question friendly” environment. Make sure employees feel comfortable asking you questions if they don’t understand their responsibility. This is especially important if employees encounter a difficult patron or an unfamiliar situation they become unsure on how to address.
  5. Measure and celebrate success. This step may be the most important of all. Make sure your employees are actually fulfilling what is required of them. Are they meeting the goals you set? If not, you may need to look into re-training them to improve effectiveness. If they are, celebrate their hard work and continue to encourage them to be passionate in what they are doing. Passionate employees will better inform customers, who will then know their payment expectations. These customers or patients will then pay on time

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